2024 Mascoma Youth Basketball Tournament: January 13-14

We're excited to bring a weekend youth basketball tournament back to the Mascoma area! This event is a fundraiser for the Mascoma high school girls and boys basketball programs, and is held in conjunction with the Mascoma Youth Sports League. There are four divisions: Girls 3/4, Boys 3/4, Girls 5/6, and Boys 5/6.

We've got a total of 25 teams from 8 different towns/programs ready to play 36 games over the January 13 -14 weekend. Grade 5/6 games will take place at Mascoma Valley Regional High School on the 10 foot rims, and Grade 3/4 games will take place at Indian River School on the 8 foot rims. Both schools are on the same Royal Road campus in Canaan, NH, and will have concessions available for sale. Admissions is by donation, so bring the whole family! We'll even have the last of our VT Beef Jerky for sale at concessions for $5 per package.

There will be a 50/50 raffle (purchase tickets at concessions), with the cash prize winner drawn during halftime of the final game of the tournament on Sunday 1/14 at Indian River School. You need not be there in person to win, as long as you have included your legible phone # on the ticket stub.

Youth teams that go undefeated over the weekend will receive a gift certificate to a local pizza place, a great way for the group to celebrate a fun and successful weekend of hoops.

Our Mascoma high school players from both the girls and boys programs will be volunteering at the scorer's table, concessions, and even helping to officiate the grade 3/4 games. 

We'll plan to share photos on our Royals Athletic Boosters Facebook page, so be sure you are following us. If you are a high school basketball parent or player looking to sign up as a volunteer, check the SportsYou app or reach out to us directly and we'll get you the link.

Questions? Send us an email!

=== SCHEDULE (updated 1/13/24) ===

5/6 Games at Mascoma High School

Sunapee 1 White v Lebanon [boys]Sat 9:00 AM
MYSL v Sunapee Rec Dino Chickens [girls]Sat 9:45 AM
Grantham Gold v Sunapee 2 [boys]Sat 10:30 AM
Lebanon Gold v Newport [girls]Sat 11:15 AM
MYSL v Grantham Maroon [boys]Sat 12:00 PM
Grantham Gold v Newport [boys]Sat 12:45 PM
Sunapee Rec Dino Chickens v Lebanon Gold [girls]Sat 1:30 PM
Grantham Maroon v Sunapee 2 [boys]Sat 2:15 PM
postponed to SundaySat 3:00 PM
MYSL v Lebanon Gold [girls]Sun 9:00 AM
Grantham Maroon v Lebanon [boys]Sun 9:45 AM
Grantham Gold v Sunapee 1 White [boys]Sun 10:30 AM
Sunapee Rec Dino Chickens v Newport [girls]Sun 11:15 AM
Newport v Sunapee 2 [boys]Sun 12:00 PM
MYSL v Sunapee 1 White [boys]Sun 12:45 PM
MYSL v Newport [girls]Sun 1:30 PM
MYSL v Lebanon [boys]Sun 2:15 PM


3/4 Games at Indian River School

Sat 9:00 AMpostponed to Sunday
Sat 9:45 AMMYSL 2 v Norwich [boys]
Sat 10:30 AMGrantham v MYSL 1 [girls]
Sat 11:15 AMGrantham Gold v Newport [boys]
Sat 12:00 PMMYSL 1 v Sunapee Rec 3-4 [boys]
Sat 12:45 PMMYSL 2 v Sunapee Lakers [girls]
Sat 1:30 PMGrantham Gold v Claremont [boys]
Sat 2:15 PMTTCC v Grantham Maroon [boys]
Sat 3:00 PMpostponed to Sunday
Sat 3:45 PMpostponed to Sunday
Sat 4:30 PMClaremont v Newport [boys]
Sat 5:15 PMMYSL 1 v Newport [girls]
Sun 8:15 AMGrantham v Sunapee Lakers [girls]
Sun 9:00 AMGrantham v MYSL 2 [girls]
Sun 9:45 AMMYSL 1 v TTCC [boys]
Sun 10:30 AMGrantham Maroon v MYSL 2 [boys]
Sun 11:15 AMSunapee Lakers v Newport [girls]
Sun 12:00 PMGrantham Gold v TTCC [boys]
Sun 12:45 PMClaremont v Norwich [boys]
Sun 1:30 PMSunapee Rec 3-4 v MYSL 2 [boys]
Sun 2:15 PMMYSL 2 v MYSL 1 [girls]
Sun 3:00 PMMYSL 1 v Grantham Maroon [boys]
Sun 3:45 PMSunapee Rec 3-4 v Norwich [boys]
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